Throughout the past decade, there has been a growth spurt for contemporary and modern eateries all over Southern California. Although some may believe that the expansion has now matured and become repetitive, we would like to think otherwise. Here at Roasting Water, we have designed a fresh concept of smoothies, teas and coffees highlighted by a fresh and natural taste. Instead of using artificial ingredients in our drinks such as powders, syrups or coloring, we create drinks from natural fruits and organic elements that creates a taste that is impossible to replicate through synthetic products.


In addition to our endorsement of natural ingredients, we also like to advocate the idea of recycling for the greater good of the environment. In order to do so, our business serves beverages in reusable glass bottles, plastic bottles and mugs. Not only does this enhance the presentation of the drink, but it promotes the idea of reusing and recycling for the community to follow upon.

We are constantly growing and changing. We value the opinions of the community with any suggestions to help us improve or help you with your daily life. We aim to serve the community through good morals and ethics. 

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