All fruit teas can be made with either herbal tea or green tea. Some fruits bits are based on seasonality.


#SWAG: Basil seeds, and your choice of two fruits

Royal Mango: Mango shaken tea with mango bits


Lots of Lychee (LOL): Lychee shaken tea with basil seeds and lychee bits


Strawberry Kiss: Strawberry shaken tea with strawberry bits


Cool Raspberry: Raspberry shaken tea with raspberries and blueberries


Joker’s Tea: Jackfruit shaken tea with jackfruit bits and coconut jelly


Pineapple Paradise: Pineapple shaken tea with pineapple bits


Pure Pom: Pomegranate shaken tea


Red Dawn: Blood orange shaken tea with blueberries


Guava Tea: Guava shaken tea with strawberry bits and basil seeds


White Peach Tea: White peach shaken tea with organic peach bits




Smoothies are made using real fruit and 100% juices blended with a dairy base with the exception of a few that are made with tea. No artificial flavorings or syrups and powders are used.


Strawberry Blonde: Blended strawberry and mango topped with strawberry and mango bits


Cast Away: Blended pineapple and coconut topped with pineapple bits and coconut jelly


Nutty Banana: Blended banana and peanut butter topped with banana bits and nuts


Heavenly Kiss: Blended strawberry and lychee topped with lychee and strawberry bits


Berry Me: Blended raspberry topped with blueberry and raspberry bits


Midsummer’s Night: Blended pomegranate, blueberry, and almond slivers topped with blueberries


Eclipse: Blended blood orange and coconut topped with strawberries and coconut jelly


Jack & Jill: Blended jackfruit and lychee topped with jackfruit and lychee bits


Avocuddle Buddy: Blended whole avocado with sweet condensed milk


Strawberry Banana: Blended strawberry and banana topped with strawberry and banana bits


Yogurt: Blended whole milk yogurt topped with blueberry and strawberry bits


Thai Tea Smoothie: Blended thai tea topped with fresh cream


Peach Raspberry: Blended white peach with raspberry topped with peach bits


Pure Strawberry: Blended strawberry topped with strawberry bits


Just Mango: Blended mango topped with mango bits


Milky Ice: Blended whole milk drizzled with brown sugar and boba


All teas are brewed and strained daily for a fresh tea taste.


Black/Green Milk Tea                                 Oolong Milk Tea

Black/Green Almond Milk Tea                 Oolong Fresh Cream

Black/Green Tea                                          Sea Salt Jasmine

Thai Tea                                                        Green Tea Macchiato




Additional espresso shots available for .60 cents per shot.

RW Coffee: French dark roast with milk and topped with a layer of sea salt cream


Café Sua Da: French dark roast with milk and condensed milk for a bold rich taste


Straight Café Sua Da: Traditional Vietnamese coffee


RW Black Coffee: French dark roast cold brew, sweetened, and topped with a layer of sea salt cream


RW Mocha Coffee: Dark roast and mocha, sweetened, and topped with a layer of sea salt cream


RW Caramel Macchiato: Two double shots of French dark roast with caramel milk and drizzle

Chill me

Chill me are ice blended drinks with a non-dairy base made with real fruits and 100% juices. No artificial flavors or syrups/powder used.


The Yeti: Blended lychee topped with lychee bits


Tropical Storm: Blended strawberry, coconut, and pineapple topped with strawberry and pineapple bits


Bite of the E-Guava: Blended guava topped with strawberry bits


Crimson: Blended blood orange topped with strawberry bits


Frozen Sunrise: Blended mango and coconut topped with mango and strawberry bits


Attraction: Blended jackfruit topped with strawberry and jackfruit bits


Pineapple Crush: Blended pineapple topped with pineapple bits


Lava Lush: Blended pomegranate and raspberry topped with raspberry bits


Pink Frost: Blended pomegranate and coconut topped with coconut jelly


All lemonades are made with fresh squeezed lemons, basil seeds, natural fruit, and fruit bits.


RW Lemonade: Fresh squeezed lemon with kumquats (seasonal)


Strawberry Lemonade: Made with strawberry and strawberry bits


Pink Guava Lemonade: Made with pink guava and strawberry bits


White Peach Lemonade: Made with white peach and peach bits


Raspberry Lemonade: Made with raspberry and raspberry bits


Mango Lemonade: Made with mango and mango bits


All chocolate drinks are made with premium Ghirardelli® chocolate for a rich cocoa taste.


Guilty Pleasure: Blended classic combination of Ghirardelli® chocolate, marshmallows, and almonds topped with fresh cream and almonds


White Caramel Frappe: Blended Ghirardelli® white frappe with fresh cream and caramel drizzle


Mocha Frappe: Blended Ghirardelli® chocolate

and coffee topped with freshcream and chocolate



Espresso Frappe: Blended double shot of dark roast espresso with Ghirardelli® mocha frappe topped with fresh cream and chocolate drizzle


Frozen Hot Mess: Ghirardelli® frozen hot chocolate made with hot fudge topped with fresh cream and chocolate chips

Hot Drinks                                           

Prices are equivalent to iced drinks. Hot drinks are also available with a mug to keep for $5.00. Availability of certain mugs may vary based on seasonality and stock.


Black/Green Milk Tea                                                Oolong Milk Tea

Black/Green Almond Milk Tea                                Oolong Fresh Cream

Black/Green Tea                                                         Sea Salt Jasmine

Thai Tea                                                                       Green Tea Macchiato                Hot Chocolate                                                              RW Black Coffee

Almond Hot Chocolate                                              RW Coffee                              

RW Caramel Macchiato                                            Café Sua Da

RW Mocha Coffee                                                       Straight Café Sua Da

Add ons

All drinks come with one free add-on. Additional add-ons are .50 cents per add-on. Add-ons are subject to change without notice.


Boba                                           Rainbow Jelly                   Lychee Jelly          

Honey Aloe                               Basil Seeds                        Grass Jelly

Chia Seeds                                 Coffee Jelly                        Coconut Jelly

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